1. When transferring coins to Coinzip, do not forget to enter the unique message/phrase provided, it is used to identify your transaction. Without it your transfer may be lost or, at the very least, be very difficult to locate and reconcile. If in the event that you didn’t include or placed an erroneous Tag/Memo/Payment ID/Message, then you will need to contact our customer support team at support.coinzip.co and provide the following details:

            • Account Name (Email Address)
            • Coin Type / Currency
            • Amount
            • Transaction ID
            • Correct Tag / Memo / Payment ID / Message
            • Screenshot of Transaction

  2. We will attempt to reconcile the transaction. However, we cannot make any guarantees.

  3. Also, we make no claims as to how long this will take, but rest assured, that we will make best effort to resolve this issue for you.