1. If you deposited coins to Coinzip and have seen the transaction confirmed on the blockchain, this does not automatically mean that the transaction will immediately reflect in your account. Different blockchains require varying degrees of confirmations while Coinzip’s confirmation requirement may also differ from other exchanges.
  1. Please note the following:
    • If your transaction reflects on the blockchain but shows no confirmations, please be patient and wait for the transaction to complete.
    • If your transaction is already on the blockchain and shows confirmations, keep in mind that Coinzip will reflect the transaction at 3 confirmations on the blockchain.
    • If you don’t see the transaction on the blockchain at all, please contact customer service for that exchange for escalation.
  1. It is not uncommon for blockchain transactions to take some time especially during high volume. If your transaction shows more than 3 confirmations on the blockchain, please contact Coinzip customer service with the following information:
    • Account Name (Email Address)
    • Coin Type / Currency
    • Amount
    • Correct Tag / Memo / Payment ID / Message
    • Screenshot of Transaction