1. Here at Coinzip, we ensure that your transactions are done quickly and efficiently. Whenever you make a withdrawal, the funds are immediately sent to the address you provided. Once the transaction enters the blockchain, funds are already considered outside the Coinzip system and the flow of the transaction can no longer be halted. Our exchange has no way to tell if the address you put in is invalid while the blockchain is straightforward and has no capability to reverse a transaction. This is one of the touted features of have transactions recorded on the blockchain, each transaction is unique and irreversible as well as irrefutable.

  1. If you typed in the wrong wallet address, then unfortunately, you won’t get your coins back unless the address you typed is actually a valid wallet address, and the owner realizes that the sender made an error, and of his or her own volition, sends the coins back to you.

  1. If you typed in an address that doesn’t have an owner, the transaction will still push through but the coins will be lost forever.