1. If you would like to change your email address, please follow these steps to log a request. Email change requests may be subject to extensive review as necessary. Coinzip reserves the right to reject any requests to preserve a customer’s security.

  2. The following are prerequisites for any request to change an email address:
    • The account should have reached step 3/3 of the account verification process.
    • The account should have been fully verified for at least a week.

  3. Engage one of our customer service associates to log a ticket on your behalf.

  4. You will be sent a verification code to your registered Coinzip email address to attest your ownership of the account. If you no longer have access to the email, please attempt to retrieve access through the email provider’s interface or contact their customer service department.

  5. Once you have received the verification code, please submit the following to support@coinzip.co under the subject heading: Email Address Change for [User’s Legal Name] using the email address you have registered with your account.

    • Verification Code
    • Photo of the front and back of your government issued ID.
    • A selfie photo with a hand-written note with
        a. your name,
        b. your new requested email address,and
        c. current date.
    • A statement requesting that your old email [old email here] be changed to [new email here].

  6. Once the request has been approved, you will receive correspondence that the change will take place within 7-calendar days. You will be unable to use your Coinzip account during that time.