Phishing Emails:

  • We will never ask you to share your private keys through email. Do not share your private key to anyone asking for your secret credentials.

Phishing URL:

  • Do not activate an API if unnecessary.
  • Always make sure to check the URL you are visiting; check if you are at Always verify the URL for misspellings.
    Never install a plug-in that claims association with Coinzip.
  • Never accept phone calls or chats from unverified sources.
  • Do not share your 2FA SMS Code, Google Authenticator Code / Key, or Coinzip Account Password to anyone. Customer Support will have other means to verify your identity.

Social Media:

  • Never transact with individuals outside the Coinzip interface. Be suspect of individuals claiming authority to transact over Telegram, Viber, Messenger, or any third party applications.
  • Do not comply with anyone asking you to directly send coins to a blockchain address.

Cookies and Laptops:

  • Periodically check if your unit’s anti-virus and trojan security is up to date. Always schedule a clean-up of your history and cookies.


  • Always use wired connections. If there is no other recourse and only wifi is available, use a VPN.